Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pray Blessing!

It's how God has been telling me to pray for those around me who need Him. How to pray for my neighbors . . . . and my friends who are in pain.

Pray blessing. Just ask God to bless them.

Try it this week.

For the folks who you know need Christ and you want to bring to Oso Creek this Sunday - pray that they will experience God's blessing.
For your spouse and children - pray for the power of God's blessing.
For the people that you are struggling to be around or work with - pray for God to bless their socks off. (It's very difficult to pray for God to bless someone and stay angry at them :)
For the clerk at Stripes or the teacher at school - pray for God's blessing.

This is how God told the leaders of Israel to pray over the people, and then He would pour out His blessing:

"The Lord bless you and keep you;

the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26

Our world needs the blessing of God.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Night Thoughts

Last (Friday) night our new Ladies 'Entry' Group had about 15 ladies at the first meeting! That's an awesome victory! (The heart of our 'Entry' groups is to engage people who aren't yet in a group, serve real needs, and also give them a hunger to be a part of a Life Group.)

There's another Entry Group - Homebuilders for Couples - that begins tomorrow night! Email Joe Sengler for more info.

Rained out our Cross Country meet this morning (spent an hour 'just standing in the rain' & waiting).

Rained out our baseball game this afternoon.

Had a great run this morning . . . awesome 'cool' running weather!

How bout' them Cubs!

Had a great bike ride with Luke this evening, we went way down to Yorktown and Everhart. Every time I do that it reminds me of being 12 and riding my single speed mutt bike with the banana seat all over southwest Ft. Worth . . . great memories . . . those were the days . . .

Can't wait for Oso Fun in the morning, it's gonna be fun and full of Jesus!

Thoughts on Chasing Lions!

I've had incredible feedback this week on chasing lions and I praise God that many of you are turning and facing lions for the first time! (And if you're not sure what I'm talking about click here and check out the message from Sunday.)

As I was running a couple of times this week God pushed me further about chasing lions . . .

On Monday as I was running some guy (about 20 yrs. my younger) blows by me. (Jerk!) Well, shame & pride took over and for about 4 minutes I picked it up, a lot. Know what happened? I died -- barely finished my route.
I was chasing the wrong lion. Don't chase someone else's lions!
Be content chasing the lions that God has given you. I can easily try to be like some other hip pastor, just like you can try to emulate some other Mom or salesman, teacher or student. Don't settle for that. Go after what God is calling you to go after!

And then on Wednesday because of some evening obligations, I had to change my schedule up and I ran after a morning meeting instead of in the evening. I was kind of shocked when the sun was in my face in the second half of my run instead of the first half. Sucked it out of me.
Don't be surprised when you start chasing lions that the enemy, who 'prowls about like a lion' and who is the author of deceit and lies, will start trying to make sure the sun is in your eyes. ANYTIME that you are taking ground for the Kingdom in your soul, there will be a battle!

"So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up!"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The 3 A's

Last night Cindy and I had the privilege of going to the Coastal Bend Fellowship of Christian Athletes Coaches Appreciation Dinner (you know I'm a wannabe real coach!).

Les Steckel who is the National President of FCA and former Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings spoke. As he was talking about raising our children (and anyone else around us that we are 'coaching' to grow) this really stuck with me. He talked about the 3 A's:


How desperately our children need these. How desperately our world needs these. How Jesus desires the 3 A's to flow through us in the power of His Spirit!

OSO Family Fun!

Hey Creekers this Sunday is Oso Family Fun! This is kid/family driven worship and a GREAT opportunity to invite families around us to experience the joy of God.

There are many folks around you who grew up in 'church' or have been to 'church' but have never experienced anything like Oso Family Fun. We have seen Oso Family Fun speak to people about the joy and fun we can have in worshipping God in ways that we could never express in words. (Not to mention that I believe it's a much more accurate picture of eternity than yawning angels sitting around on clouds playing harps in minor keys!)

So who are you going to invite for Sunday? Don't miss the opportunity!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vision in Action . . . Connect!

Your Family for Life's Journey

The last 3 weeks I've talked about the process of our Vision being fulfilled . . . . . Connect, Navigate, Discover.

Now let me show you what it looks like beginning in a Connect post!

In the first 3 weeks of The 'Dock' and the awesome Creek Reps - we've had 26 new guests (or family units) on Sunday morning and 20 of them have made it to the Dock and spent time with our Creek Reps. That's 20 families that we've connected with and we've seen many of those connect with God in significant ways.

Now that excites me because that represents your friends that you are connecting with and inviting to Oso Creek! Our heart is that God will use us to connect those around us to the hope of Jesus!

"May your ways be known throughout the earth, your saving power among people everywhere. May the nations praise You, O God. Yes, may all the nations praise you!" Psalm 67:2-3

I've told the Creek Rep Team to hold on, because the next few weeks are going to be a wild ride . . . . Let's ALL be committed to bringing our friends and keeping them swamped!

Save Your Shoeboxes!

Just around the corner is an opportunity to fill hurting lives with the HOPE of Christmas!

Operation Christmas Child has become an Oso Creek passion and this year we want to do it bigger and better than ever!

So ladies, it's the time of year to start buying shoes and saving boxes! (OR, just asking your friends for boxes!)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Thoughts on Sunday

Wow, Praise God for powerfully being there on Sunday!

I talked about stepping out and taking the risks that God calls us to in order to Discover our God Destiny! The alternative is staying the same and possibly missing the 2nd half of what God has for us in life. [Click here for the sermon]
God has called us all to chase the lions that keep us from the lives He's created us for!

It was super awesome to see two-thirds of everyone come down front at the end of both services saying that they wanted to chase the lions that have kept them from God's future! I'm praying that you will follow Benaiah!

If you feel like you weary and need strength or need to be dusted off to make your run at your destiny, read Isaiah 40:28-31.
If you're feeling timid toward the direction God is calling you read Joshua 1:7-9.
If you need to be reminded that it's in God's STRENGTH that lions fall read Psalm 20 or Psalm 27.

It was awesome to have Clif back leading the worship team --- ALL of you guys did a marvelous job leading us!

To keep you thinking about what you are willing to risk in order to follow God, check out this great post by Perry Noble.

And thanks to all of you who are making the switch and coming at 9am! 9 o'clock is getting close to as full as 11am . . . but we still have empty seats at both times. God didn't give us seats for them to be empty! Who are you going to invite/bring this Sunday??

In 2 weeks - on October 7th - I'm beginning a series called Confessions of a Soiled Christian. I'm going to be very candid about my struggles and yet how God will redeem those areas of darkness in all our lives! So be praying like crazy and bring everyone you can who doesn't know Jesus. He will be lifted up! And people will be drawn to Him!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eating Frenzy!

I saw part of The Biggest Loser the other night and one of their trivia questions said that the average person makes 200 food related decisions a day! 200? Wow!
Well I like to eat, so I'm at least average -- so if I'm going to talk about life in this blog, then I can't go too long without talking about food!

Now, these are not your typical food/eating categories, but this is my blog! So here you go, enjoy - and be sure to let me know what I missed/messed up.

Favorite Sandwich - Jason's Deli - You don't know me very well if you don't know this one!

Best Fast Food Texmex - Taco Villa (Lubbock, Tx) hands down on Taco Bell - nearest location to Corpus is Big Spring, TX - sometimes my car just goes there when I hit West Texas

Favorite Cold Drink - Strawberry Slush from Sonic - I'm doing it about 3x a week right now - I figure if I'm gonna have a vice it's good to have one that costs $1.59 and has fruit involved in it

Favorite Hot Drink - Coffee w/sugar and cream and caffeine - I don't drink that fufu $4 a cup stuff man --- just give me coffee

Favorite Snack - Pretzels and peanut butter - Don't knock till you've tried it!

Favorite Team Place to Eat on College Baseball Trips
- Pancho's Mexican Buffet - The flag never went down! (All you-can-eat!) And imagine doing this with your team and then getting on the van with 15 guys for a 4 hour trip home . . . entertainment all the way . . . And even though it's been 20 years I still have nasal cavity damage from these trips.

Favorite Restaurant that Rotates - Reunion Tower, Dallas - OK, this is the only restaurant I've ever been to that spins, but it is cool!

Favorite Deep Dish Pizza - Uno's - Chicago - Don't even think about it . . . This is the original stuff!

Favorite Breakfast Restaurant - Cracker Barrel - Biscuits n' apple butter :)

Favorite All Around Restaurant - Beamers - Corpus Christi - And it helps that we have come to love the family who owns it!

Best Dessert - Key Lime Pie - Water Street Seafood Company - Corpus Christi - INCREDIBLE! (Mom, I promise that your lemon pie with Ritz Cracker crust is so close in 2nd that you can't get a credit card between the two!)

Best Bar-b-que - Silverado Smokehouse - Corpus Christi - Now, I've gotta confess that I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the food, or a terrifying memory I have there of watching my friend John Richerson eat at least 15 lbs. of beef, sausage and ribs!

Greatest Cooks - Even Draw - Cindy & My Mom - And no, I'm not suckin' up - I've been blessed to be loved by two ladies who can 'dish it out' and love to do it! (Dottie Kratz & Jay Worley, you're both in the top ten . . . And if you invite us over to eat, who knows you might make my next list!)

Best Meal Ever - The one I eat every time right after I fast for over 24 hours!

OK, what are your favorite categories that I missed? What do you agree with? Disagree with? It's your turn, let's hear it?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Christ in you, the Hope of Glory - Pt 5

"Christ in you, the hope of glory."

Glory! That's one of your grandparent's religion words, huh. Especially when we say: 'Gaaaaalawary!'

It's one of those words that unfortunately we have covered with some dirt.

Excavation: In my sermon Sunday, I talked about the Israelites fumbling the Ark to the Philistines (And the Ark was the place of God's manifest presence in Israel - see 1 Samuel 4 for the story).
And how in that misery the daughter-in-law of Eli (the priest) named her child Ichabod.
'Kabod' in Hebrew meant glory. 'Ichabod' meant 'no glory.' Zip. Zero.

God's 'kabod' was what was in store for you when you experienced His very presence. (see Exodus 24:16 or 33:22; or we even sometimes say about someone: 'I saw him in all his glory.')
Ichabod's mom was saying that the manifest presence of God - and all that implies - is gone.

BUT HE is here! In you! You see it's not like as followers of Christ that you get this little 'A' battery of God inserted into your soul - just enough to keep you going. His 'GLORY' - and EVERYTHING that goes with it IS LIVING inside of you man!!
Kind of brings a new meaning to the kid song: 'This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine . . ." That's a stinkin' 50 mile lighthouse spotlight, not a pretty little Martha Stewart candle!

And just like the 'glory' of God is unfathomable for our finite selves - the ways in which He can come alive in you is unfathomable!

What are you gonna do with that? The GLORY of God. Christ in you. In you!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sailing Mania!

God was good! The weather was awesome and I had a blast! Joe & Connie were incredible hosts, and Joe was patient in showing me the ropes.
And day one I even got to solo!

I can't imagine not doing it more!

Please just be careful in who you forward this picture to. I've got a busy couple of weeks and I'm pretty sure that as soon as the America's Cup team sees it there gonna be all over me :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sailing Tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I get to go sailing as a crew member and I'm pumped! I've been curious for a while and wanting to learn and tomorrow's the day! Joe & Connie Sengler are taking me out and showing me the 'ropes' (pun intended). I'll let you know if I survive!

Check out this post and video. Wow, how willing are we to use all God has given us for His Kingdom?

Catching Up on a Few Upcoming Creek Events

I'm excited about this Sunday's (23rd @4pm) Grand Re-opening of the new & improved Discovery Class! Discovery is the first step in the journey for those new to Oso Creek. It will help you to gather more info about us . . . and now more than ever it's geared for us to hear your story! We want to help you press further into the journey!
Call the Creek office to sign up (993.4463)

On September 30th at 4pm is Life Groups 101. Groups are such a huge part of community at Oso Creek that we want you to better understand the whys and hows. This class also helps prepare anyone to lead a group. Call the office to reserve a spot.

And then Encounter is coming up the 26-27 of October for Women, and November 2-3 for Men. It's all about Encountering God. If you haven't been, you don't want to miss. There will be more info soon on Sunday mornings!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thoughts on Sunday

Wow, I praise God for showing up on Sunday! Thanks to Sylvia and Chris for doing a great job with our music!

I spoke about Navigating into the deeper waters of God. (If you didn't get to hear the message you can click here and listen.)

And I challenged Creekers in two ways: First of all that We're each responsible for our own spiritual growth! And secondly that, Your faith should be a disruptive force in your life. Boats don't reach destinations tied up in the dock. It's only when we experience the rough seas of the journey that we become navigators. Moving forward and perseverance 'in Christ' is accomplished through trials and trauma (see James 1:2-8).

A couple of more thoughts:
Be patient with yourself, God is faithful.
Back in June I had been running steadily for 7 months and feeling great. Then baseball all-stars hit and I essentially quit from mid-June through the first of August. Now, I've been going again for 5-weeks or so, and I'm still not where I was in June.
If you've been on the sideline spiritually, it's gonna take some time to renew and rebuild your spiritual momentum. Don't feel like it all has to happen this week.

And don't allow discouragement to win!
Today was my day to run. I didn't sleep well last night. Got home late. Didn't want to go at ALL! Almost as soon as I got home dinner was ready. Ahhh, an easy excuse. I knew I should go, but this was easier.
I confess that I even sat down for dinner as the conviction (that I needed) got stronger. I took one bite and then excused myself and laced up my running shoes.
Man, I was glad I did! I went further and felt better tonight than I've felt since June. When I finished - even though my body was burned - in my heart I could have gone 5 more miles!

And I believe that you can too! I felt God was telling me tonight as I was running - you can do it! I am with you, I will never leave you or forsake you! Trust me!
It feels so awesome - and is so much more rewarding - when in the power of the Holy Spirit we press through and faithfully follow Jesus.

You can do it!

A New Way to Connect and Play!

This is a couple of weeks belated (I've been waiting till I got the picture with the blue mulch!) but wow and thanks to Aaron & Audie for leading and the ~100 Creekers who have worked on the the playground! It's amazing how much time and effort Creekers gave to bring this all together! Way to go!

And this is going to open up doors for many of you to further connect with families . . . I've already seen some Mom's and playgroups out there hanging out! Praise God!

So don't keep it a secret, we want our campus to increasingly be a 'safe harbor' for our community to gather!

How are you creatively loving those around you today who need the hope of Jesus?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Christ in you, the Hope of Glory! Pt 4

Christ in you, the hope of glory!

Hope. Someone has said that you can live 40 days without food, about 5 days without water, around 5-8 minutes without air, but only a few seconds without hope. I mean really live!

If someone watched your life today and chronicled how you invest your time, what gets the attention of your checkbook, how you relate to people, and even if they could see into what occupies your thoughts - what would they say that your hope is in?

"Larry Damerval is an amazing father and husband who spent his days working for an energy company as an accountant, living a "normal" life. Little did he know how quickly things could change. Now he's suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease. At only forty-two years old, he has been told he could die at any time. Despite his diagnosis, he is doing everything he can to make each and every moment count."

If you have the courage to think about your life . . . and your hope . . . I encourage you to check out this amazing video - Larry's video.

Why do we tend to put our hope in so many other things? What are the trade-offs we make in our life when we hope in anything besides Jesus? Let us know what you think?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bring Em' On!

Our passion is to see people find the hope of Jesus! And this past Sunday was the culmination of several months of praying, planning and building (and praise God for Sam S. and Greg G. leading the building!) - as the 'The Dock' (see pic) opened and our Creek Rep Team went into business.

For those of you who don't know what's going on here, we're trying a new approach to intentionally connecting spiritually with every person on Sunday morning. You see we believe that no one is there by accident and we desperately want to connect them to Jesus!

To this end we've built a dock in the back of our worship area (Our vision statement is: Your Family for Life's Journey . . . and if you're going on a nautical journey you board at the dock). We give every first timer a Ticket as they come into worship and then invite them to bring that Ticket to the dock after Celebration. And at the dock, our awesome Creek Rep team greets them individually and spends a few minutes with them for the purpose of hearing their story, and asking God how we can connect them to His hope!

This past (First) week they already had incredible conversations and opportunities to pray with folks who need Jesus!

We want to continually ask God to show us creative ways to love people who live all around us, and those who you bring on Sunday morning. So be praying, loving, and bring em' on!

I can't wait to see what God does in the morning!

Busy Saturday!

We've got 2 Cross Country meets, mow a yard, a basketball game, baseball practice, a birthday party, then another basketball game (and maybe 2 more). And everywhere in between polishing up the sermon for tomorrow.
Ahhh. . . And I try to remember the words of one of my mentors (Bo K.) 'Enjoy these days, they are some of the best of your life.' Amen.

AND . . . Yesterday Emily went on her first road trip without us or 'adult supervision' (her words). She and a friend went to Cindy's Dads in Lubbock (Hi Clif!). We're here and she's in Lubbock . . . this is all still so strange . . .

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Love It!

Man I love being in a place where people are willing to jump in with initiative and use their gifts and serving heart to fill in needs.
You saw my post that our Admin Asst is leaving and early this week I sent an email asking some of our ladies if they could volunteer some time until we got the position filled.
Well Linda Davidson and Peggy Murphey and Nancy Ilse (and I'm sorry if I left anyone out) didn't just volunteer but they made their own schedule to cover the needs and are just asking me where the key is!

Awesome! That's how God made us to operate!

Christ in you, the Hope of Glory - Pt 3

"Christ in me, the hope of glory!"

Notice the order. Christ is first. Me (You) brings up the rear.

I was still a new Christian on a mission/baseball trip with Athletes in Action (part of Campus Crusade for Christ) in the Summer of 1986 when I was first confronted with the truth that I had a choice about how my life would be lead. A choice that would have HUGE ramifications.

Even as a Christian I could choose to live with Christ having a peripheral existence in my life and ME (self) perched on the throne of my life. OR, I could - daily - put Christ on the throne of my life. Let Him drive!

The DIFFERENCE is a Christ-directed life that is full of abundance and victory.
OR, a self driven life that is characterized by guilt, heaviness and loneliness. Everyone of us who is 'in Christ' continually makes this choice. (And I encourage you to check out the same truth that directed me that Summer found here in Have You Made the Wonderful Discovery of the Spirit-Filled Life?)

I was with some pastors recently and we were talking about this verse ('Christ in me . . . ') after I told them what had been on my heart.

Bubba Stahl (Pastor at First Baptist . . . & for the record Bubba is a Godly and Wise man! Not to mention a cool guy! I praise God that he is one of the spiritual leaders in our City!) . . . began talking about John 3:30 where John the Baptist said of Jesus, 'He must increase and I must decrease.'

Now, in the past when I've been confronted with that passage I've gravitated, as many of us, to 'I must decrease.' I must rid my life of selfish thoughts, and my impure heart, and my unholy attitudes. And as some of that can be true, it can also still just be about me! Bubba pointed out that it says FIRST that Christ must increase!

We must focus first not on 'me' and fixing 'me', but on Jesus! And as we focus on Him and are filled with Him, He will squeeze 'me' out! As He comes to occupy the rooms of our lives, 'me' will fade away in the glory of Jesus.

That's my heart folks! That it would be about Jesus and not us! Let us know, how you are focusing on Him, and allowing Him to increase?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wanna be part of the Oso Creek Staff Team?

Our Administrative Assistant, Donna Davis, is moving out of town and we are looking for someone new to fill that role.

It's a paid position that is typically 30 hours a week (9am-4pm). The one big downside is that you have to work for me! And that ain't easy :]

If the following describes you or someone you know then keep reading below:

· Loves Jesus
· Totally committed to the vision and people of Oso Creek (This person is many times is the first impression of who we are)
· An ‘off the charts’ administrative gifting
· A strong work ethic (this is no job for sissies!)
· Responsible – Has initiative to see what is next and seize the moment, and is able to complete tasks without being micromanaged
· Communicates well verbally and in writing . . . And doesn’t communicate what is confidential. (Confidentiality is a HUGE part of any role in the Church and this role is directly in the middle of people’s messy lives.)
· Has a servant’s heart (A ‘can do’ attitude)
· Enjoys a flexible (and many times unpredictable) working environment
· Thinks the King Mustangs are rockin’ and the Carroll Tigers - & everybody else – stink! (OK, I might be a little flexible here, but not much :)

If this is you (or someone you know) then please click here and email a resume. We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible.

Christ in you, the Hope of Glory, Pt 2

"Christ IN me, the hope of glory!"

I've never been pregnant, but I've watched real closely as four different aliens invaded my wife's tummy (2 at one time! See pic . . . and, No, I never really wore glasses that were that dorky, those were goggles to make sure no alien juice got in my eyes!).

I can remember watching with incredible awe as those aliens twisted and turned and kicked, and the two even wrestled, all while being IN Cindy's belly! Amazing! I wonder if part of the reason God does it that way is to give us a glimpse of the spiritual in the physical.

Unlike in the Old Testament when the Spirit of God came upon or over people for a season to empower them . . . as a follower of Christ, the Spirit of Christ now resides IN you. Think about that a minute. Just as real as a child in a mother's womb, the presence of God lives IN us!

This is one of the coolest verses in the whole bible: "The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as He raised Christ from the dead, He will give life to your mortal body by this same Spirit living within you."

Wow, did you hear that! (And if you really want to get a taste of this power read all of Romans 8). He will give you LIFE!

Where do you need to be raised from the dead? What relationships or hopes or dreams have you allowed to begin to die? What fears or anxieties are killing you?

You can choose today whether to allow those things outside of you to control your life - or to allow the Spirit of God - Christ IN you - to give you life!

Tell us about how God is speaking to you?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Emily Update

Some of you have been asking about our sweet Emily (our oldest and first to go to college just 3 weeks ago) . . . And she is doing great! (Here she is with her Mommy in her new door room when we dropped her off.)

She is loving Hardin Simmons, has gone to her first college football game, makes me dizzy every time I talk to her with the names of all her new friends, got an A on her first paper, and went away last weekend with some friends to Focus in Dallas.

We still have an empty place at our dinner table (and our hearts) and are trying to get into the flow of the adjustment of not having her here . . . but we thank God that she's in such a great place. (And I still text her 'goodnight' every night :)

Here's her email if you wanted to drop her a line . . . Emily's Email . . . I'm sure she'd love it!

Christ in You, the Hope of Glory - Pt 1

In Colossians 1 the apostle Paul says that there is a 'mystery (or, 'secret') that has been part of God's plan and is now being told to those who follow Jesus. This secret is: '"Christ in you, the hope of glory!"

As I've expressed to Creekers over the past weeks, I believe that this is the secret that He wants to use to unlock His fullest expression in our lives . . . and our church.
I want to take a look at this truth over a few posts.

.' The first thought. It begins with Him.

Jesus is the Alpha & the Omega. The First to rise from the dead. The Beginning and the End. The head over every power and authority. The First and the Last.
And God jealously desires to be first in our lives.

If you're a follower of Jesus, He will even allow whatever else you put before Him to taste like poo poo. If you don't believe me check out Philippians 3:8 in the Message (and yes, that is the literal translation!) He does so because He wants you to know that the abundant life is ONLY possible when He is first!

What first comes to your mind in the morning? Where do you first turn when you're out of money? Who do you look to first when you're frustrated?

Why do we go anywhere else? It all begins with Jesus being first in our lives.
Ask Him to be first . . . Your first thought of the day. Your first ally in the battle. Your first high-five in victory. Your first hope when life gets tough.

What are your thoughts on Jesus being first?

Friday, September 7, 2007

In the wee hours of this (Friday) morning a woman who was a very dear member of one of our Life Groups passed from this life to the next.

Paul said that 'nothing will be able to separate us from the love of Christ . . . For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.'

Life and life abundantly! For the follower of Jesus, even in 'death' there is just more LIFE . . . IN Christ Jesus!

Check out this great blog by one of our Creekers - Kim Galloway - as she reflects on Helen's old life, her new life, and what it means to LIVE in Christian community.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


You don't want to miss the fun this Sat (8th) morning at Oso Creek . . . we get to serve and celebrate!

At 10am we gather at the building to go hang door hangers and more importantly have great conversations with our neighbors . . .

And then at noon we celebrate the opening of the new playground with lunch and . . . playing (what else!). We're cooking the dogs and bringing dessert. You bring drinks and chips and your family.

It's gonna be awesome! Can't wait to see you there!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Importance of Vision

What is it that GOD wants for your life?

For the last three weeks I've been talking about Oso Creeks new vision statement: Your Family for Life's Journey -- the next three weeks I'll be talking about the Process through which we see God's vision unfolding.

It is a culmination of our leaders asking God: What do you want for our church?
Is every detail worked out? No. Are we saying that we have heard God perfectly? Heck no.
But are we seeking Him and His heart for Oso Creek as best we know how? Heck Yes!

God's Vision (or 'Purpose') is as best we know God's heart and direction for Fellowship of Oso Creek. Here is (at least much of) why it's absolutely necessary for us to have vision:

1) It brings unity and direction. When there is no direction from God that is flowing through His leadership channels there is disunity (Proverbs 29:18) and chaos (Judges 21:25)

2) Vision helps motivates us to stay in the fight, to keep running the race as hard as we can (1 Corinthians 9:24-27)

3) Vision keeps us from dwelling in the past . . . but focused on the FUTURE (We will not be a museum church!)

4) And most importantly . . . Seeking God's vision keeps us focused on seeking HIM and His heart for our lives and our church (Acts 20:22-24) -- It keeps us seeking GOD sized DREAMS instead of man sized ambitions.

What is God's vision for your life? How does God's vision for Oso Creek encourage you in following Jesus?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why a Blog?

Or maybe the best place to start is, 'What's a blog?'

A blog is simply short for 'weblog.' Or a way to log thoughts, dreams, encouragement --- or whatever else --- in an electronic journal of sorts.

But a blog is better than just an electronic journal - and that leads to why I'm beginning a blog!

First of all, a blog allows me to communicate with you in a quick, dynamic way. Unlike a website, where you have to log into the website and see if something has changed, every time I 'publish' (send out) a new blog it is mailed right to you. That's cool.

And then this is what I really like. Unlike a web site where it's just info you read, or a mass email where you can only respond to me -- a blog allows you to post comments that anyone on the blog can see! So we can all interact.
See at the bottom where it says 'COMMENTS' . . . just click on that and you can not only leave your own comments but read and interact with everyone else's comments!

My goal is to blog 3-5 times a week. My hope is that this is going to be a tool that will allow me to more easily and effectively encourage you, and keep you updated on what's going on at the Creek. And that it will also be a tool that you can use to introduce your friends to the Kingdom!

So, Welcome! What do you think? What questions do you have?